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Special Days

*Teddy Bear Day
See also Story activities and printables for "Brown Bear Brown Bear
What Do You See?"


Bear Hunt (fingerplay)

Teacher: Let's go on a bear hunt.
Children: (Repeat. Imitate walk by slapping knees


I see a wheat field.
Can't go over it;

Cant go under it.
Let's go through it

(arms straight ahead like you're parting wheat)

I see a bride.
Can't go over it;
Can't go under it.
Let's swim it.

(arms in swimming motion)

I see a tree.
Can't go over it;
Can't go under it.
Let's go up it.

(climb and look)

I see a swamp.
Can't go over it;
Can't go under it.
Let's go through it.

(pull hands up and down slowly)

I see a cave.
Can't go over it;
Can't go under it.
Let's go in.

(walking motion)

I see two eyes. I see two ears.
I see a nose. I see a mouth.
It's a BEAR!!!

(Do all in reverse very fast. End with "Home and safe.)

*Teddy Bear Parade

Need: A box per child, rope, crepe paper.

Give each child a box with a rope(rope with a pull-handle works best-or tie the rope at the end to make a handle). Let the children decorate their boxes with crepe paper streamers. When the boxes are decorated, have the children place the teddy bears in their box. Then play music and have a Teddy Bear Parade.


Teddy Bear Face Mask
Need: Varied color construction paper,large crayons,hole puncher a

Have children draw their own teddy bear face,cut mask out and use large rubber
band to hold mask on face,the expression and originality of their idea of a bear is
interesting idea for child,they may color if desired.
Contributed By: Darby

*Group Time

The Three Bears

Read the story "The Three Bears". After you finished, set out several sets of three objects in small, medium and large sizes, such as three bowls, three spoons, three cups and three plates. Have the children divide the objects into three piles, one for Papa Bear, one for Mama Bear, and one for Baby Bear. When the objects have been grouped according to size have the children regroup them into piles of like objects.


Teddy Bear Games

Before playing the games collect a large assortment of teddy bears.

Let children count the total number of Teddy Bears.

Ask the children to sort the teddy bears by categories (color, size, ones wearing bows...) Then have them count the number of teddy bears in each category.

Have the children sort and count the teddy bears by color (brown bears, white bears, black bears...).

Bears weight

Review concepts of heavy and light. Let the children use a balance to compare the weights of different teddy bears.


Teddy Bear Pool Cake

Ingredients: A white or yellow cake mix(microwave cakes work best for this project), Teddy Grahams, little tubes of get frosting, life savers, gum(fruit strip gum works best).

Make the cake according to the package directions. Frost with blue frosting. Have the children decorate the teddy grahams with gel frosting to make swimsuits on the bears. Use Life Savers as innertubes. Use the gum for air mattresses.

*Other Sites

Teddy Bear color by number

Teddy Bear Day Sign

Teddy Bear Dot-to-Dot (1-14)

Teddy Bear Color Pages from The Little Artist

Teddy Bear Color Pages -Teddy Bears in different outfits.

Teddy Bear Invitations to print.

Connect-the-dots bear and flower

DLTK's Crafts for Kids site has craft projects to make your favorite Bear on Teddy Bear Picnic Day. For children age 2+. For most of the crafts on this site you will need a toilet paper roll.

*Tie Dye

1. Need: clothes dye, rubber bands, tubs (for the dye), wooden spoons, rubber gloves(don't want to dye your hands), salt.

2. Cover the work area with plastic drop cloths. Follow the directions on the clothes dye. Mix up the dye and place in tubs. If you want lighter colors add extra water to the dye mix.

3. Use 100% cotton fabrics. T-shirts, bathtowels, sheets. Make sure the fabric is 100% cotton.

4. Designs:

Lay T-shirts front side up on a flat surface and smooth out all wrinkles with your hands.

Circle Designs:

Pull up the center of the shirt (front and back together) and gather the fabric. Twist a rubber band tightly at the bottom of the gathered bundle of fabric. Twist more rubber bands 1/2 to 1 inch apart coming up the fabric bundle. Gather and wrap each shoulder that same as you did the center of the shirt.

How to dye--Dampen the shirt at the sink. Squeeze out the extra water. Dip the shirt in the dye tub. Squeeze out the excess dye. Remove the rubber bands and rinse the shirt at a sink until the water is almost clear. Then hang the shirt up to dry.

Note: Can dip different parts of a shirt in different color dyes. Supervise the children when they do this. Only dip and squeeze parts of a shirt that have not already been dyed. You could wind up with all your dyes turning gray!

Knotting Designs:

Fold your fabric into a long rope shape. Tie over hand knots along the bundle. Proceed to the dye.

Gathering Designs:

Using a piece of string slightly longer than the fabric. Roll the fabric around the string. Tie the ends of the string together, pulling the rolled fabric into a tight ball. Proceed to the dye.

Clamping Designs:

Fold the fabric accordion style. Clamp it with spring-type plastic clothespins along both sides long edges of the folded fabric. Alternate the clothespins. Clamp a clothespin first on one long side then the other long side. Then a clothespin on the side your started with the a clothespin on the other long edge. Proceed to the dye.

Marbling Design:

Gather the fabric into a ball and tightly wrap cotton string over and over in all directions. Knot the string. After dyeing if the color is weak in an area, crumple the fabric into a ball again with that area to the outside. Tie and re-dye the fabric. Proceed to the dye.


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