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Special Days
(A list of Special Days/Events)

Special Days

*Backwards Day *Brown Bag Lunch Day

*Beach Day

*Box Day

*Belly Button Day

*Bring a Shape Day

*Berry Feast Day

*Bum Day

*Big Wheel Day *Bug Day
*Book Day *Camping Day
*Bring Mom/Dad Day *Car Wash Day
*Clown Day *Hat Day

*Color Day(Special Color Day)

*Hugs Day

*Exercise Day *Mother Goose Day
*Family Picture Day

*Mother's Day

*Father's Day *I Dressed Myself Today Day
T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Day
*Ice Cream Day
*Favorite Video Day *Library Day
*Favorite's Day *Melon Day
*Friendship Soup Day *Milk Shake Day
*Gooey Sticky Day *Mitten Day
*Stuffed Animal Day
*Olympic Day *Sunglasses Day
*Pet Day *Sweatshirt Day
*Picture/Camera Day *Teddy Bear Day
*P.J. Day *Teddy Bear Picnic Day
*Popsicle/Slurpee Day

*Tie Day
*Rainbow Day *Tie Dye Day
*Roller-Skate Day *Twins Day
*Show & Tell Day *Weird Hair Do Day
*Smelly/Tasting/Touching Day *Winter Picnic
*Sock Hop Day

*Zany Dress Day. (Mismatched clothes, backwards clothes, unmatched shoes)


Special Events

*Balloon Launch Day

*Bike-A-Thon *Christmas Feast
*Barbecue Day *Christmas in July
*Beach Party *Fashion Show
*Camp Out Day



*Father's Day Kickball Game
*Field Day
*Fruit Salad Day--Bring a fruit
*Game Show

*Grandparent's Day


*Hawaiian Luau
*Ice Cream Social
*Lip Sync Contest
*Magic Show
*Mother's Day Tea
*Parent Dinner (Prepared by Children)
*Parent Pot Luck Day
*Parent's Day
*Pre-School Olympics
*Puppet Show

*Scavenger Hunt

*Senior Citizen's Day
*Soup Day--Bring a veg.
*Talent Show
*Thanksgiving Day Feast
*Used Toy Rummage Sale
*Watermelon Day
*Western Day
Courtesy of L. Chom
Rainbow Learning Programs


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