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ISBN: 978-1484723029

Bob, Not Bob!
by Audrey Vernick

"Little Louie wasn't all that little. It wasn't like he needed his mom every minute of the day." So begins a hilarious story of Little Louie when he gets a bad cold and everyone in the house has a hard time understanding him, including the dog named Bob.

Filled with comedy, wordplay, and eye-catching illustrations, all Louie wants is his mom but when he calls her the dog, Bob comes running.

A fun book that will give everyone a great laugh.

ISBN-13: 978-1423178743

Dormouse Dreams
by Karma Wilson

A charming story-in-verse tale of dormouse dreams as he sleeps through the winter. As dormouse sleeps in his tree burrow other woodland animals are shown playing outside. As the snow falls dormouse dreams of spring and a visit from his friend, and all the fun they will have.

Dormouse Dreams is enhanced by illustrations using muted colors that create the feelings of dreams and winter. A wonderful book about friendship.

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